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Friday, July 21, 2006

How To Detecting programs with hidden Internet Access

Detecting programs with hidden Internet Access

If you are experiencing problems with your computer unexpectedly connecting to the internet, you can find out which of your installed programs have an internet feature that might be causing this.If you want to check which of the programs on your PC have a hidden link, follow these steps.

Follow below step:

  1. Click start > Run
  2. Type cmd. Press Enter or click okay)
  3. In the MS-DOS window that opens type netstat -a for XP home edition (for XP Pro users type netstat -ao) and press enter. this will display a list of all current TCP / IP connections
  4. Make a note of the process Identification Numbers (PIDs).These will allow you to locate which programs have a connection to the internet
  5. Open the Task Manager, by pressing Ctrl + Alt + Delete, or right click your taskbar and click Task Manager
  6. Click on the processes tab. In the PID column look for the PID numbers you noted down.You can now instantly see which programs have an internet connection.If you cannot see the PID column, click View > Select Columns and activate the PID column by checking it. Click OK to return to the main Task Manager screen. The PID column should now be visible