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Sunday, July 09, 2006

How to Create a Password Recovery Disk


If you have a password set up on your computer it’s a good idea to make a password recovery disk just in case you forget your password. The Forgotten Password Wizard allows you to create a password recovery disk that can be used to gain access to your account on your PC in the event of you forgetting your original password.
1. Click Start > Control Panel
2. Double Click the User Account icon

3. Click the account name you want to create the password reset disk for.

For me i choose Name for example.

4. In the left-hand column click on the ‘prevent a forgotten password’ link

5. The Forgotten Password Wizard will start. Step through each of the screens in turn and insert the floppy disk when requested to do so.

To test the new password recovery disk, follow these steps:

Re-boot your PC.
Enter an incorrect password and press enter.
The Windows help balloon will open and ask you if you have a forgotten password.
Click the link ‘use your password reset disk’ in the help balloon.
You will be asked to insert the password reset disk if you haven’t done this already.The password reset Wizard will start again. Enter a new password and click next.
Your new password will be saved onto the floppy disk and also made your new Windows logon password.
Windows should now continue to load as normal