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Saturday, July 22, 2006

How To Adjust Time Outs

The two most important things to know about Registry Editor are that it copies your changes immediately into the registry and that it has no Undo Command. The Registry Editor doesn't wait for you to issue a File, Save command it has no such command before making changes permanent. And after you have altered some bit of registry data, the former data is gone forever, unless you remember it and restore it yourself.Registry Editor is therefore a tool to be used sparingly and soberly and not to be left open when not in use.

There are a few things related to shutting down your system faster located in HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Control Panel\Desktop:

  1. AutoEndTasks (set to 1) will automatically kill hung up programs for you.
  2. The next one is HungAppTimeout (set it to 1000).
    NOTE: Be careful when you adjust this setting: If you use a program that runs slowly on XP, the OS might falsely determine that it has hung. In such a case, you can increase the HungAppTimeout value by increments of 1000 until the false "hung" detections stop.
  3. Next up is WaitToKillAppTimeout. Which should be set to 4000 (default is 20000).
  4. Since we have the programs being killed after a certain amount of time you will also want to do the same for services. Change the WaitToKillServiceTimeout to 4000 as well.
  5. Always backup the Registry before making any changes